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Why an Internal mail server? 

Do you have a network with many users requiring Internet and e-mail access? Are you currently running a separate modem for each person requiring access? If so, you are creating unnecessary expenses.

Change the set-up of your companies Internet access and e-mail delivery system to run from one Internet connection (dial up, ISDN or Leased Line), through one dedicated server. This server can handle an e-mail account for each of the users on your network and will allow Internet access for those who require it. Create a professional image for your company by giving each employee their own e-mail address i.e. employee@yourcompany.co.za.  

You can streamline your business activities by allowing your employees to send memos, newsletters, files, etc through e-mail to one another internally at the touch of a button. This does not even need an Internet connection as the mail is distributed internally. Not only does this reduce time needed to distribute announcements internally, but it also saves unnecessary paperwork and cuts photocopy expenses. 

Receive orders and other correspondence from your customers and have it delivered directly to the person who will be handling the request. For example, if “Harry” is responsible for taking orders from your clients, his e-mail address will be harry@yourcompany.co.za and he will also receive e-mail for orders@yourcompany.co.za. If “Harry’s” job description changes, the e-mail address “orders@yourcompany.co.za” can be taken over by the person taking over from “Harry” and “Harry” still keeps his harry@yourcompany.co.za e-mail address. Your customers continue sending e-mail to the same address as before and will not notice any interruption in service. 

Worried about Abuse?

We will set up a report, sent daily to management, detailing the amount of e-mail being sent / received by each person. Those who abuse the system can easily be identified and if the abuse continues, they can have restrictions placed on their accounts, which will ensure they cannot continue the abuse.

How long before we can be connected?

Providing you have a computer we can set up, we can have the system fully running within 7 days, although our standard turn around time is 2 days. It will then take us a day to configure all the computers on your network. Thereafter, your server can be administered remotely should you need to add / delete / change access restrictions for users.

Hardware requirements? 

Almost anything, depending on the numbers of users on your system and what you require from your system.


Contact Volt developments today to have a representative quote on a system best suited to your needs and advise on the hardware requirements.

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